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Export Trading - is a group of international B2B companies with a general trading licenses based in Istanbul and Dubai since 2005. The companies specialize in the export and import of industrial and consumer goods, wholesale distribution, fulfillment of overstocks and spot deals, logistics and financial & goods' transit turnkey services acting as a principal, agent or intermediary on a contract basis.

Export Trading offers

Trading solutions for your business

Workflow optimization, transparency, flexibility and personal approach. A close-knit team of professionals with many years of experience in their fields of expertise. Established international relations and supply chain processes including composite orders.
The use of free customs warehouses in Europe and in the Middle East. Financial transits to resolve any current customs and political barriers. Productive and mutually beneficial cooperation on an ongoing basis.
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Main destinations that we successfully work with:

Export & import
Export & import

Providing your business with stability in purchasing volumes and timely supply

Export Trading makes products' purchases for its customers directly from manufacturers or from large distributors in various countries. Time-tested relationships with suppliers allows Export Trading to obtain a required volume as well as a privileged service. The presence of a representative from Export Trading in the exporting country also helps to resolve any unforeseen issues and ensures the safety and timely delivery of goods to the transportation company.

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Wholesale distribution

Helping to increase your sales by developing a dealer's network

Export Trading acts as a wholesale distributor on behalf of a number of manufacturers, distributing their products to mid-large size dealers internationally. The range of main products Export Trading supplies directly from its warehouses in Turkey and from United Arab Emirates. If you are a supplier interested in wholesale distribution and a creation/expansion of your dealer's network, please do get in touch with us to discuss the options of cooperation.

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Wholesale distribution
Overstock goods
Overstock goods

Fulfilling overstock clearance and liquidation for international wholesalers

Secondary distribution of overstock goods is Export Trading's main field of business. We use an extensive network of retail stores, distributors and manufacturers in Europe and the MENA countries to get the best deals for available stocks and offer them to our clients. Overstock lots include all types of B2C goods such as electronics, clothing and accessories, toys, building materials, sporting goods and others. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing or selling overstock products.

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Spot B2B deals

Will sell your lot through our network of professional buyers

In a similar way to overstocks, Export Trading also facilitates sales and purchasing of commodity products on spot basis. If your company has available lots to sell, then Export Trading can help to find real buyers throught its internal network. To get the deal done, we would require photos of the product, its full description, including: volume, size dimensions, packaging, delivery terms, price, as well quality certificates, proof of ownership and acompany documents.

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Spot B2B deals
Effective logistics
Effective logistics

Delivering your goods on a turnkey basis

Many manufacturers work on EXW basis only. As part of the export and import agreement, Export Trading provides delivery of goods on FOB or CFR terms. Based on customer's requirements for delivery speed, cargo size and volume and delivery location, ExportTrading will organise road, air, sea or rail transportation services. Cargo quality assurance is to be provided on request by an accredited inspection company such as SGS or Alex Stewart.

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Financial & goods transit

Completing payments and delivery by bypassing customs and political barriers

Due to the current political and customs restrictions between some countries, paying for goods and services directly to the supplier or getting products delivered directly may become problematic or not feasible at all. In this instance, Export Trading can act as a bridge in the role of a transit agent using legal methods through our companies in Turkey and in UAE.

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Financial & goods transitт
Consulting and analytics
Market research and consultancy

Providing independent and reliable information according to your criteria

Export Trading executes comprehensive local and overseas market research for corporate companies, trade associations and government bodies in various industry sectors. Our services include: market research, client search, surveys and interviews, market entry strategies, organisation of field trips and support of business meetings. The solutions offered are precisely tailored to each client’s specific needs & objectives.

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Products currently in stock

We sell products in bulk from our warehouse

Export supply categories

Will purchase & export products according to your set criteria

  • All
  • FMCG
  • Electronics
  • Auto
  • Construction
  • Materials
  • Equipment

Let's work together?

Good business development - is
the best art of all!

The key to success lies in creativity and flexibility in working relationship with our partners and customers, as well as the constant pursuit of economic progress.

Our team

Over 20 years experience in international trade
We speak Russian, English, Turkish, Kurdish and Arabic languages

Евгений Ангелов

Evgeny Angelov

Александр Никитин

Alexander Nikitin

Карван Тахир

Karwan Tahir

Игорь Кысаl

Igor Cisa

Сэм Миллер

Sam Miller

Майкл Браун

Michael Brown


Answers to frequently asked questions

What commodities does Export Trading work with?

Export Trading mainly works on a turnkey basis, so the range of products varies depending on the customer's industry. The general license allows the company to export and import goods from numerous categories from mass market products to industrial scale equipment.

What destinations does Export Trading work with?

Export and import destinations are very diverse. They include Turkey, China, Africa, India, the Middle East, Europe, USA, Russia and others.

Can Export Trading help in selling our products?

We can. We would require full product specification, its volume, quality certificates, the history of the origin if the company is not a manufacturer and a packaging description.

On what conditions does Export Trading provide its services?

In general Export Trading works on long term contracts and is ready to act as a principal, agent or intermediary based on a given contract.

Who are Export Trading's clients?

Export Trading provides its services to manufacturers, trading companies, distributors, dealers and big end users in various industries.

Is it possible to obtain samples?

Samples can be ordered from our warehouse, subject to availability, or directly from a manufacturing plant. A sample order is placed upon receipt of an advanced payment, which includes the cost of the product and its delivery. Delivery time will depend on the location from where a sample is being sent from, choice of transport and customs clearance.

Can Export Trading offer a custom solution?

Yes. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Does Export Trading work with L/C?

Yes, provided it is an irrevocable confirmed letter of credit from a major international bank.

Among our clients

Emiliana Serbatoi
Western Global
Hannay Reels
Great Plains Industries
New Pig